Using the Social Media for the Job Search

Technology has become so advanced these days that now people can apply for the desired job using the social media. You have to be little creative for this but this is really interesting. You need not to travel long for going and applying the job. It is just a click away for which you need to log in to your system and access the social media sites.

Candidate should have the ability to post and publish the messages in public format that can be easily read by hundreds of people on the social media profiles. It is through the social media that you can approach and request anyone for the job. Through which candidates can easily rely on the internet to establish their job search contacts. While using the social media for the job search candidate should kept in mind the things which they need to do or not to do. For making it simpler we have mentioned the Do’s and Don’ts related to the job search given below on this page.

Things to be done using the Social Media while doing the Job search
1.If your friend or uncle is working in the company then the candidates can use the social media tools to interact with them.
2.Peoples can also use the social media profiles thus conveying the other persons that you are looking for the job and required help.
3.You should not think that it is quite embarrassing to announce your family and friends that you are unemployed.
4.We also advise you to post your resume on the blog so that the reader may get aware that what you are looking and how to contact you.

Things not to be done using the Social Media while doing the Job search
1.Candidates should not upload their educational credentials on sites like facebook, twitter, etc. Looking for a job in any company is not a passive but an active process.
2.Always think before publishing any type of content on the social media profiles. The resume should not highlight that you are in serious need of a job.
3.Don’t get depend on social media to get the job. You should not spend the maximum time in front of the computer or laptop screen.
4.Always try to gain the respect from the employers through fixing the appointments, contacting the mentors and participating in the real world activities.

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