Tips on "Why do you want this Job"?

In most interviews managers asks why do you want this job and lots of candidates gives right answer and some applicants cannot give the answer correctly. When people ready to face the interview they do lots of practice of numerous questions but some question make them confused to explain properly at that time. So be confident and makes yourself prepared for each and every question.

Recruiters can also asks questions like why do we hire you and what is your expectations, etc. So you need to be calm and know how you plan to respond the recruiter’s questions. The correct way to give the answer of these questions is to display them your excitement for the organization and for the job. You need to convenience them by point out on your ability, skills, experience, and other things what you have. Sometimes the recruiters wants to check the confidence level and the presence of mind of the candidates and candidates knows about it so don’t give you answer faster and common, you need to be smart to give answer in different ways.

Lots of managers say that candidates take too much time to give the answer of this questions and this is a big mistake by them. Applicants can take this question lightly and can give the answer in the manner such as, oh my goodness; you have a pool in the office? That is incredible.” We are not suggesting that you respond like a robot but you have to give answer in short time.

You need to explain them your excitement level and clear the answer of the question in few words. If you give the answer of the question properly then he/she move on to the next question but if not so recruiter will asks you the follow-up questions. So be prepare before going for the interview and be confidence.

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