Tips on “How to Talk About Your Weaknesses in a Job Interview”?

It is obvious that during an interview no one wants to talk about their weaknesses. But you have to influence the manager to hire you, so it is depends on you to convince the recruiter no matter what is the question. You have to be prepared to talk about your weaknesses those will help you in the interview.

You need to give the answer to the recruiter in way that looks like a complement for you. For instance, candidates give the answer like that “My greatest weakness is that work too hard”. This is look like you want to avoid the question but some recruiters says that it is a batter way to give the answer of this question in this way. Honesty is the most excellent strategy, when it comes to your biggest weakness question in the job interview.

In order to handle the main weakness in the job interview successfully then candidate need to have various plan of what those weaknesses are and which ones lend them best to the biggest weakness in job interview question. The best method to do so is with a valuable resume.

You need to be confidence when you will give the answer of the recruiter question. Candidates should need to go through their resume and cover latter and ask themselves some basic questions.

When you find your weakness then you don’t need to tell that weakness to the recruiter, but which also suggests to the manager that you are working to combat it. In case your weakness is a trouble to meet deadline, then you need to mention that how you are doing work on it to meet the deadlines. You can state your weaknesses but also make clear that you are doing something regarding strengthening them.

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