Tips on Body language for a successful job interview

In the interview every little bit thing of applicants is measured by the interviewer such as clothing, handshake, foot positioning, etc. While going for an interview in a company make sure that you look good and prepare yourself for the interview questions. Candidates need to pay attention on the following points:-
3.Eye Contact
4.Arm Position
5.The Handshake
6.Feet Positioning
7.Space between you and the interviewer, etc.

It is very important to wear professional suits (physically and emotionally comfortable). Obviously it is also essential to dress correctly for the appointment/ interview.

When you enter in the interviewer office make a smooth handshake with him/ her. It is simple as the handshake can ultimately set the tone of an appropriate job interview. It is best to wait for the manager conducting the interview to offer his/her hand first for a handshake. When a hand is extended in greeting, grasp the full hand firmly and palm up, so not to appear aggressive.

When you sit down in front of manager you need to be sitting up straight and with feet planted firmly on the floor. Women must need to avoid crossing their legs and men need to not sit with their legs too far apart.

When you are sitting in front of manager make distance between you and interviewer. When you listen to the interviewer it shows an interest in the conversation to lean slightly forward but it never a good idea to crowd personal space. Candidates can success in the interview because of their appearances. However candidates need to learn in to the interview conversation with enthusiasm for the potential position is a great attribute.

The last point is maintaining the eye contact between you and the interviewer at the time of conversation. The eye contact is the key of a successful job interview. Candidates look him/her straight in the eye and applicants should be confidence at that time. It expresses the honesty of the candidates and a straightforward personality, which is a much desired trait in good employees

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