Tips for Job Interview Question "Why Should I Hire You"?

The most common question which is asked by lots of recruiters is why should I hire you? Don’t get Nervous and give the answer as you will give other question answers. The main reason to ask this question is to gauge if you can sell yourself well. If not, it questions at your capability to sell the corporation product for good business. You need to e calm and start at the right time and give them a good answer.

You need to do study of the company before interview. Figure out the association and knows about properly. You can give the answer like this “Your Company is sitting at 9.5 percentage increase from the previous year and the projected increase is 8.6 percentages for this year. I assure you that I have skills and talent that would easily achieve the set goal. Actually I will try for a 8.8% increase.”

If any recruiter hire you so the main reason will be your skills and strengths, that you can tell manager your ability and work strengths. You need to complement your strengths.

Managers are aware about candidates fears and have taken lots of interviews. Don’t show your weak surface to the manager or recruiter at any cost. Be confidence and try turning all your weaknesses into strengths. If you cannot your guard weaknesses well then prepare for answers to cover them up in the most apt method.

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