Tips for Job Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

The first most commonly question asked in the job interview by the recruiters is “Tell Me About Yourself”. You need to talk about where you have grown up like your school, college, graduation and degree. Candidates need to share these information in few second because you have already tolds them about it in your resume.

After that now you have to explain them about your present place of work, nature of job and highlight some crucial projects that have been successful to highlight your professional accomplishments.

Talk about your short term and long terms objectives. Tell them like what you want to do in next five years and don’t reveal the name of any dream company where you want to do work in future. You can more take about your dreams and ambitions and how you plan on achieving them.

You can also tell them about your hobbies, you are really passionate about and how you pursue it. Some peoples don’t talk about their hobbies but recruiters wants to know about little bit about where do you have your interest. You need to talk them at least one hobby like if you love reading books then use a quote from your favorite book and say it is your life motto.

As you know first impression is the last impression, now you need to say something they never forget in future. When managers or recruiters listen something special from the candidates they write that though on their mind. You can say that ‘The compliment people most frequently give me is’ or you can stick with something more informal like ‘If someone ever made a movie on my life, it will be called…’ or ‘When I googled myself this morning, here’s what I found out.’

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