Ten Job Interview Mistakes

If you have applied for various job interviews but still get the negative result and you are still unemployed. There are definite mistakes which every job hunter should avoid making. Little things build or split the deal and the top ten mistake that lots of candidates does in the interview are mentioned below:-
1.Arriving Late
2.Unsuitable Dressing
3.Exhibiting Nervousness
4.No Company Prep
5.Salary Talk: Not So Soon
6.Bad Mouthing the Past Employer
7.Vocalized Pauses and Slang
8.Being Rude
9.Talking too Much
10.Phone Etiquette

Arriving late in the interview is a big mistake and if you walk in ten minutes late for an interview you will not get that job. This makes a terrible first impression, going late in the interview is like having no respect for the company and the interview itself. Unsuitable dressing can be a mistake to your first impression and a well modified suit is most suitable whereas for a non-professional job business casuals work just fine.

You must always know about the company and you can also do some background check on the company showcases that you forward to working with the corporation. Lots of the essential details regarding the companies are available on their website.

If you talks about salary too soon then manager will think that you are in their company just for the money and it looks like a cheapest think. Of course we all do work for money but it is mandatory in the interviews that don’t talk too soon about salary.

Some peoples while interviewing just can’t stop talking. First ask the question by the recruiters and then you have to chance to give the answer in short term, don’t need to talk unnecessarily. The answers that you will give to the manager must be well defined and precise and after all it is a professional discussion, not a personal one. Remember to switch off or silent your phone while interview is running.

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