Five ways to spring-clean your career

1. Prune your resume.
Candidate should know that the first thing which is very important to get the job is an impactful resume. Applicants should prune their resume according to their need and what they are looking for. Candidates make sure that the resume is updated for the job you are going to be hired.

2. Renew old friendships.
Networking is the term which you can build between  your friends to do the things more reliable for you. The relationship building means stay linked to the people who know about you, what you are passionate about. Call the older colleagues whom you have not communicated from a long time or stay connected with a former boss on social networking sites.

3. Clean up your Work space.
You need to clean your workplace where you are doing the work. It would give an  impact on your future work place.

4. Trim social media connections.
Maintain the trim social media connections. You should connect with those peoples who are doing work in the reputed organizations.

5. Edit your work clothes and interview outfits.
At the time of interview and starting a new job the people around us notice what we are doing, how we are going toour office. You don’t have to buy a branded suit; you can wear today’s casual suits if possible in your company. Spring is an excellent reason to take a look physically in the mirror and decide whether your clothes reveal the best side of you or not.

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