Maharashtra Board Question Papers 2017, Science, Commerce, Arts

Maharashtra Board Question Papers

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune will be going to upload the model question papers on the main web portal.

Students belonging to the Science, Commerce and Arts stream needs to go through these Maharashtra Board Question Papers for obtaining good scores in the exam. The released question paper will serve as a guess paper for the candidates going to appear in SSC and HSC Board exams.

Students will be able to download the Maharashtra Board Question Papers in PDF format for the subject they wish to download. The board will release the question paper for the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Mathematics, etc.

Maharashtra Board Question Papers 2017
Students who are going to appear in the approaching board examination of class 10th or 12th must go through the previous year Maharashtra Board Question Papers given below.

Subject: Physics
Class: 12th

Important Instructions
1.All questions are necessary to be attempt by the candidates.
2.Draw the neat diagrams wherever required.
3.Candidates are not allowed to use the logarithm table.
4.Marks of particular section or question are indicated on the right side.

1.State Kepler’s laws of orbit and law of equal areas.
2.Draw a neat labeled diagram for Ferry’s perfectly black body.
3.Differentiate between free and forced vibrations.
4.Derive the relation between surface tension and surface energy per unit area.
5.A car of mass 1500 kg rounds a curve of radius 250m at 90km/hr. Calculate the centripetal force acting on it.

To download the previous year Maharashtra Board Question Papers please visit the official website

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