Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers 2017

Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers

Jharkhand Academic Council has announced to release the Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers, so that preparations for the upcoming high school and intermediate board exams can be done in an efficient manner.

The main objective to avail these model papers to the students is to deliver them an idea that which types of questions are asked in the exam. It may lead to boost up the confidence level of the candidates for facing the exams.

Students will be able to lay focus on the topics and questions which are repeatedly asked in the exam from many years through these announced Model Papers. Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers will be released online for the different subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, History, Geography, etc.

Students can download the question model papers from the authorized portal.

Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers 2017
Below we have the discussed the Chemistry model paper of the previous year class 12th.

Important Instructions
1.All the questions will be compulsory to attempt.
2.Check the marks of each question just corresponding to it.
3.MCQ questions will be of 1 mark each.
4.Short questions will be of 2 to 3 marks.
5.Section containing very short questions will be one mark each.
6.Long answer questions will be of 3 marks each. 

1.Name the ore from which AI is extracted.
2.What is Coagulation?
3.What are double salts? Give two examples.
4.Define antipyretic. Give examples.
5.What is a salt Bridge? What is its significance?

To download the Jharkhand Board Question Model Papers in PDF format candidates can log in to the official website jac.nic.in/

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