CBSE Board Question Papers 2017, Model with Answers

CBSE Board Question Papers

Candidates who are going to attend the class 10th and 12th board examinations in March 2017 are required to access the previous year CBSE Board Question Papers for securing better marks in the exam.

The solved model question paper along with answers will be made available to the candidates belonging to the science, commerce and arts stream. Candidates can check out for the questions which are important for the exam from the last year board question papers.

Candidates can download the CBSE Board Question Papers of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Social Science, etc from the concerned portal. It will help them to carry their preparation in a better. By accessing the board model question papers candidates lay stress on main topics of the paper rather than learning the full chapters.

All those who are looking for the CBSE Board Question Papers must check the previous year question paper given below.

CBSE Board Question Papers 2017 of Physics
Class XII

1.There will be total 26 questions.
2.All questions are compulsory to attempt.
3.There will be five section in the exam namely section A, B, C and D.
4.Section A will contains five questions and  of one mark  each,  Section B contains five questions which will be of two marks each,  Section C contains twelve questions  of each 3 marks,  Section D contains value based question  of 4 marks and  Section E contains three questions of five marks each. 

1.Define capacitor reactance. Write its S.I. units.
2.What is the electric flux through a cube of side 1 cm which encloses an electric dipole?
3.How are side bands produced?
4.Distinguish between ‘intrinsic’ and ‘extrinsic’ semiconductors.

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