Top 10 tips to crack the exams

It has been observed that students always look for the guidance that how they can achieve good marks in the examination whether it is CAT Exam, JEE Main Exam or AIPMT Exam.
If the students will be given proper tips than it won’t be impossible for them to secure very good marks. The tips include which topics are important and which topics can be dropped out basically to clear the aura of confusion of students.

Top 10 tips to crack the exams

Scheduling a study plan
Plan an appropriate schedule of the study so that you will be able to do the sufficient practices and revisions. Go through the recommended books for cracking the desired exam.

Increasing the speed
Always maintain a good speed to solve or to learn 70 to 80 questions per day.

Clearing your doubts
Go through the concepts and figure out the ways that there will be no doubts. Lay stress on the previous year question papers. Students will get familiar with the topics which are repeatedly asked in the exam.
This will totally helps the students in clearing their doubts.

Revising the fundamentals
Before going to appear for the exam revise all the basic concepts. Revision of each topic is most important. Thus it will enable you to consolidate the best preparations for the exam. Students should be very confident and well versed with the basic concepts.

Practice the shortcuts
Students should practice with all the shortcuts which in turn help them to solve various problems with a greater speed.  Shortcuts should be known by the candidates thoroughly as their fundamentals.

Remember the main topics
Students should be more focussed towards the main topics. She/she should keep revising the topics which they are sure to be asked in the exam.

Spending time beyond studies
Regular studies can lead to mental stress. Always maintain a gap between your studies. Keep a space for yourself and devote that time in some extracurricular activities.

Determine your weakness and strength
Students should analyse their strength and weakness. They must be capable in deciding which topics they should be prepared very good for the exam.

Perfect practice
For making the best practice just go through the question and test series carefully. This will be the good way in knowing the trend of questions asked in the exam.

Good strategy of paper solving
Always attempt the section first which contains the short question. Then move towards the section which you are confident to solve.

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