Scholarships in India 2017

Scholarships in India
Scholarships are basically a financial aid that is provided to the students belonging to the weaker sections society. The scholarship is served as an award to the students who are talented but unable to pursue the further studies due to the lack of money.

There are different schemes of scholarship. Some of them are granted to the intelligent students by determining their performance in the written exam. The Government of India offers the National as well as the External scholarships to the needful candidates.

By introducing these scholarships eligible students will also get the chance to study out of their country in abroad.  Candidates will be given the amount of scholarship on yearly and monthly basis. The rate of scholarship may be different for the Graduate and Post Graduate programs.
Only the students who will fall under the requisite eligibility criteria will be shortlisted for the reward of the scholarship.

Variety of Scholarships
1. Merit Based Scholarships
2. Need Based Scholarships
3. Student Specific Scholarships
4. Career Specific Scholarships
5. College Specific Scholarship

List of Scholarships in India

Entrance Exam                          Last Date            Entrance Exam                       Last Date           
UP Scholarship
Telengana Scholarship
MP Scholarship
Sikkim Scholarship
Punjab Scholarship
Nagaland Scholarship
NTPC Scholarship
Mizoram Scholarship
Uttarakhand Scholarship
Manipur Scholarship
Delhi Scholarship
J&K Scholarship
Rajasthan Scholarship
Meghalaya Scholarship
Bihar Scholarship
Gujarat Scholarship
WAKF Scholarship
Kerala Scholarship
Maharashtra Scholarship
TATA Innovation
AP Scholarship
DBT Scholarship
Karnataka Scholarship
INLAKS Scholarship
NEC Scholarship
ONGC Scholarship
POSE Scholarship
JBNSTS Scholarship
IISER Scholarship
WBMDFC Scholarship
SN BOSE Scholarship
Debesh Kamal
BHEL Scholarship
KC Mahindra Scholarship
IDB Scholarship
UGC Scholarship
NBHM Scholarship
KVPY Scholarship
Cultural Talent Search 
Mahindra Scholarship
MICA Scholarship
Sahu Jain Trust Scholarship
ICAR Scholarship
Gaurav Foundation Scholarship
IOCL Scholarship

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