Sainik School Syllabus 2017, Download PDF

Sainik School Syllabus

Sainik School is conducting the entrance exam to select the eligible candidates for the admission in 6th class and 9th class. Candidates who are going to appear in entrance exam must download the PDF file of the Sainik School Syllabus 2017 from authorized portal.

Sainik School Syllabus 2017

Sainik School 9th class entrance exam syllabus is given below:

History Syllabus
1.Modern Indian History & World History
2.Persons in History of India
3.Places of Importance in Indian History
4.Wars and Battles in Indian History
5.Dates and Events in Indian History
6.Events of Indian National Movement
7.Revolutions in the World (17 to 19 Century AD)
8.Industrial Revolution
9.Revolt of 1857
10.Heritage sites of India & World

Civics Syllabus
1.Indian Constitution
2.About United Nations
3.Globalization, Human Rights, Rights of the Child
4.Dance & Music
5.Location of prominent Institutions in India
6.General Information on Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force (basics)
7.Indian Railways

Geography Syllabus
1.Physical Geography
2.India’s Geography
3.World Geography
English Syllabus
1.Letter Writing
2.Guided Writing
3.Essay Writing
4.Vocabulary and Usage
8.Direct / Indirect Speech
10.Sentence types
13.Question Tags
14.Future time reference
15.Re arranging words to make meaningful sentences
16.Use of grammatical structures
17.One word substitutes

Science Syllabus
1.The Universe
3. Air
4.Transformation of Substances
5.Structure of atom
6.Metals and non-metals
8.Cell Structure and Functions
9.Micro organisms
10.Refraction of Light
11.Electricity and Magnetism
12Sources of Energy
13.Common Diseases
14.Food Production and Management

Mathematics Syllabus
1.Squares and square roots of large numbers
2.Cubes and Cube roots of large numbers
3.Rational exponents and radicals including negative powers
4.Profit, loss and discount with percentages
5.Compound Interest
6.Algebraic identities
7.Factorization of algebraic expressions
8.Division of Polynomials
9.Linear equations in one variable including word problems
10.Parallel lines and its properties
13.Perimeter and areas of triangle
14.Surface areas and volumes of cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, sphere and hemisphere

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