NDA Syllabus 2017, Hindi, English, PDF

Union Public Service Commission has uploaded the NDA Syllabus 2017 for Math, Hindi, English, Geography and other topics. Every year Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) organizes the National Defense Academy (NDA) written test to recruit the talented and dynamic applicants on several posts into the Army, Air Force and Naval Wings of the NDA. Candidates can download the NDA Syllabus in PDF format from main portal.

NDA Syllabus 2017
Mathematics Syllabus
2.Matrices and Determinants
4.Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions
5.Differential Calculus
6.Integral Calculus and Differential equations
7.Vector Algebra
8.Statistics and Probability
General Ability Test Syllabus
English Syllabus
1.Grammar and

General Knowledge Syllabus
Physics Syllabus
1.Quantum Physics
2.Wave Optics
3.Nuclear Physics
4.Solid State Physics
5.Laser and Fiber Optics
6. Mass
9.Density and Specific Gravity
10. Principle of Archimedes
11.Pressure Barometer

Chemistry Syllabus
1.Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic
2.Elements, their Occurrence and extraction
3.States of Matter
4.Atomic Structures
5.Chemical Families
6.Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure
7.The Solid State
9.Chemical Energetic and Thermodynamics
10.Chemical Equilibrium
11.Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
12.Transference of Heat
13.Chemistry of Hydrocarbons

General Science Syllabus
1.Difference between the living and non-living.
2.Basis of Life - Cells, Protoplasm’s and Tissues.
3.Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals.
4.Elementary knowledge of human Body and its important organs.
5.Common Epidemics, their causes and prevention.
6.Food - Source of Energy for man. Constituents of food, Balanced Diet.
7.The Solar System - Meteors and Comets, Eclipses.
8.Achievements of Eminent Scientists.

History, Freedom Movement Syllabus
1.Freedom Movement in India.
2.Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration.
3.Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India.
4.Panchayati Raj
5.Co-operatives and Community Development.
6. Bhoodan
8.National Integration and Welfare State,
9.Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

Geography Syllabus
1.The Earth, its shape and size.
2.Latitudes and Longitudes.
3.Concept of time.
4.International Date Line.
5.Movements of Earth and their effects.
6.Origin of Earth. Rocks and their classification.
7.Weathering - Mechanical and Chemical.
8.Earthquakes and volcanoes.

Current Events Syllabus
1.Knowledge of Important events
2.Current important world events
3.Prominent personalities
4.Cultural activities and sports

Official Website: www.nda.nic.in

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