How to make study plan?

How to make study plan?
A study plan is basically creating the outlines through which students find quite easy to secure good marks in the examination.

By making the study plans students become more organized and self determined to complete their studies. Candidates whether going to appear for the banking exam, railway exam or the semester exam of any University always make the study plans to obtain good marks. Each student creates a different study plan. It is mandatory that student should identify their learning goals in order to maximize their scheduled study times.

Through making an effective study plan students will be able to lay stress on important topics. It is advisable that before going to start your studies please make a suitable study plan.

Important steps to create the study plan
Here we have discussed the steps for making a good study plan.

Preparing a study schedule
1.Students should plan to study for atleast 2 hours.
2.You will find it quite easier to concentrate if you take the short breaks in between.
3.At the time of learning the different topics break them into small sections.

Revising and reviewing you study tools
1.Try to create the one page summary with the different ideas and methods for the exam.
2.While creating the study tools try modifying your learning style.
3.For retaining more information draw the diagram or mind maps.

Creating a list of the subjects you need to study
1.Make a weekly list to study the topics or subject in particular day or week.
2.By doing this you will be able to focus on each subject equally.
3.For the good preparations try making your study schedule by doing the studies for minimum 20 to 30 minutes.

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