How to improve your memory?

How to improve your memory?
Memory is one of the main part of human body. Without memory people have to face many problems to survive in this universe.To improve your memory read carefully the points given below.
Sleep Well
Sleep is a key time for the mind to set the relations between neurons, thus helping us remember more of our everyday jobs. Human Beings needs to sleep 7 hours to 8 hours every day because sleep is very important for our mind and its sharps our memory. Expert says that if you can do only one task to sharp your memory is that you should sleep well. If you sleep minimum 5 hours to 6 hours your memory will not be as sharp as it is.
Exercise is very beneficial for the memory. Exercise boosts your heart rate which gets blood fluid to your mind, thus keeping your memory sharp. Running, swimming, any form of exercise for minimum 30 minutes helps increase the hippocampus, which is observed as the ‘memory center of the brain’.

Food (Eat Right)
Your mind cannot function correctly without necessary nutrients and element compounds. You may also should start enjoy a drink with lunch. To sharp the memory you should drink the pure water and eat healthy food.

Balance Your Stress
Now a days the work stress is very high in our life and because of stresses our memory become very poor. Laughing is one of the best parts to remove the stress.

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