How to build a confidence for exams?

From years ago the exams are being are terrifying to the students. Even the students with the best preparations would not able to decide whether they will secure the good Marks in the exam or not.
It is mandatory that student build the confidence before going to appear in any exam whether it is banking, railway, NDA, etc. Without the confidence candidates would not be able to secure good marks in this examination.
This page is inscribed with the details regarding How to build a confidence for exams?

How to build a confidence for exams?

Exam preparations
1.Create a proper schedule for exams.
2.Plan your study sessions around specific sections.
3.Concentrate on the topics which are more important.

Positive Thinking
1.Focus on the positive points before you going to give the exam such as the tough preparations you have done for the exam.
2.Basically challenge the negative thoughts and be confident.
3.If you are feeling distracted watch tv, read comics, etc for a short while.

Maintaining the perspective
1.Try increasing your alertness and energy.
2.When you are quite prepared for the exam look out for the easy questions.
3.Answers the questions first that you know well.

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Eating before examination
1.When you feel nervous eat something such as snacks, toast, etc.
2.Avoid the energy drinks as it increases anxiety.

Good Sleep
1.Try to settle in bed on proper time.
2.Don’t wake late at night.
3.Proper sleep will lead to alertness, good memory, etc.

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