Group Discussion tips

Nowadays the Universities, Organizations and Firms evaluate the personality of the candidates by knowing their views through organizing the Group discussion.
A Group discussion is a group of students that are allowed to make the discussion on one topic and raise their vocals.

Benefits of Group Discussion
1.Nervousness of the candidate is removed and he/she become confident to share their viewpoints.
2.Students will become familiar with their strength and weakness.
3.Group Discussion will lead to the expansion of the knowledge of the candidate.

Group Discussion tips
1.You should sit for the Group Discussion in a well posture.
2.Do not argue with your view points. Try to respect the opinions of other also.
3.Candidate should be natural as possible.
4.Be active and grab the chance to speak first at the start of group discussion.
5.Make sure not to repeat the point again and again.
6.Remember to put your point first respectively while the others are mute.
7.Don’t get hyper or aggressive with your opinion.
8.It is compulsory that you should make an eye contact with all the participants.
9.You should think well before you speak.
10.Candidates should have a solid reason while raising an objection to the point.
11.Express clean chain thoughts by using the quotes facts and figures.
12.Keep nodding while the candidates are engaged in conversation.
13.The more you speak then there will more chances of selection.
14.Good impression on the concerned party will be developed only if you are confident in your view point.

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