IIST Syllabus 2017, Download

IIST Syllabus

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology is going to dispatch the syllabus for annual and semester examinations 2017.
Lots of students who are waiting to start their preparations can download the IIST Syllabus 2017 from the authorized portal.
Complete IIST Syllabus will be delivered to the candidates through the online mode for the B Tech, M Tech, etc programs.

IIST Syllabus 2017 of B Tech (Avionics)

First Semester Syllabus
2.Physics I
4.Basic Mechanical Engineering
5.Basic Electrical Engineering
6.Communication Skills I
7.Physics Lab I
8.Chemistry Lab
9.Basic Engineering Lab
10.Communication Skills Lab I

Second Semester Syllabus
1.Vector Calculus and Differential Equations
2.Physics II
3.Materials Science
4.Engineering mechanics
5.Basics electronics engineering
6.Communication skills II
7.Physics II and Materials Lab science
8.Engineering graphics
9.Basics electrical and electronics engineering lab
10.Communications skills lab II

Third Semester Syllabus
1.Vector Calculus and Differential Equations
2.Analog electronic circuit
3.Semi conductor devices
4.Signal and systems
5.Electromagnetic and wave propagation
6.Introduction to social sciences and ethics
7.C Programming lab
8.Analog electronic circuit lab
9.E CAD Lab

Fourth Semester Syllabus
1.Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variation and Complex Analysis
2.Digital Electronics and VLSI Design
3.Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
4.RF and Microwave Communication
5.Computer Organization and OS
6.Introduction to Economics
7.Digital Electronics Lab
8.VLSI Design Lab
9.Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
10.RF and Microwave Communication Lab

Fifth Semester Syllabus
1.Probability and statistics
2.Digital signal processing
3.Digital communication
4.Control and guidance system
5.Instrumentation and measurement
6.Environmental science and engineering
7.Digital signal processing lab
8.Digital communication lab
9.Control and guidance lab
10.Instrumentation and measurement.

Sixth Semester Syllabus
1.Computer networks
2.Power electronics
3.Radar system
4.Elective I
5.Introduction to space science and applications
6.Principles of management systems
7.Computer Networks Lab
8.Power Electronics Lab

Seventh Semester Syllabus
1.Navigation system and sensors
2.Elective II
3.Elective III
4.Elective IV
5.Institute Elective
6.Navigation systems and sensors lab
7.Summer internship and training
8.Comprehensive Viva voce I

Eighth Semester Syllabus
1.Comprehensive viva voce II
2.Project Work

Syllabus Link: https://www.iist.ac.in/academics/curricula
Official Website https://www.iist.ac.in/

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