IISC Syllabus 2017, Phd, PDF, Download

IISC Syllabus

IISC Syllabus 2017 for all the Bachelors and Masters Degree courses has been announced. Candidates should make the preparations for the year 2017 semester examinations in an better way by downloading the IISC Syllabus from the authorized portal.

Or the aspirants can also go through the syllabus given below on this page.

IISC Syllabus 2017 of Integrated PHD

1st Semester Syllabus
1.Classical Mechanics
2.Quantum Mechanics
3.Mathematical Methods of Physics
4.Fundamentals of Astrophysics   
5.General Physics Laboratory
6.Workshop Practice
2nd Semester Syllabus
1.Statistical Mechanics
2.Quantum Mechanics II
3.Electromagnetic Theory
4.Condensed Matter Physics I    
5.Analog, Digital and  Microprocessor Electronics
6.Experiments in Condensed
7.Matter Physics

3rd Semester Syllabus
1.Nuclear and Particle Physics   
2.Quantum Mechanics III          
3.Analog and Digital             
4.Electronics Lab                
5.Elective E1 (One)             
6.Seminar course                
7.Advanced Experiments in        
8.Condensed Matter Physics           
4th Semester Syllabus
1.Project I
2.Advanced Mathematical
3.Methods in Physics 
4.Elective E2

5th Semester Syllabus
1.Elective III

6th Semester Syllabus
1.Elective E2

Download the complete IISC Syllabus 2017 in PDF format from the official website www.iisc.ernet.in/

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