Patna University Syllabus 2017, PDF

Patna University Syllabus

Patna University has announced the syllabus of the different Bachelor and Masters Degree programs. Candidates looking for the syllabus of BA, B Sc, B Com, BCA, BBA, MBA, M Sc, M Com, etc programs can download the PDF file of Patna University Syllabus 2017 from the concerned portal.
For the ease of the candidates we have also mentioned the Patna University Syllabus on this page.

Patna University Syllabus 2017 of BCA (Paper I):

Computer Fundamentals and Organization
1.Computer A Definition
2.Basic Anatomy of Computers
3.Classification of computers
4.Computer Applications
5.Peripheral Devices
6.Memory and registers
7.Computer codes and arithmetic
8.Types of processing
10.Introduction to Microprocessor and associated
11.Components, timers, display controllers, DMA controllers, Block Diagram of IBM PC
12.Introduction to X86 Family, functional description of various models and cards
13.Various types of displays and other peripherals used in IBM PCs

Patna University Syllabus 2017 of BCA (Paper II):

Programming Techniques
1.Techniques of Programming (Flow Chart, Pseudo codes)
2.Introduction to C Programming
3.Data types in C
4.Operators & expressions
5.Control Flow
6.Functions and Program Structure
9.Structures and Union
10.Pointers to structures
12.File Handling
13.Basic of Assembly Language

Patna University Syllabus 2017 of BCA (Paper III):

Office Automation
2.Microsoft Excel
3.Microsoft PowerPoint
4.Microsoft Word
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