AMIE Syllabus 2017, Section a, b, Pdf

AMIE Syllabus

Associate Members of Institute of Engineers Exam offered various subjects to all their aspirants and the syllabus for these subjects is going to release by the authority of members for the session of 2016-2017. Syllabus will go to be available on the official website of AMIE. Aspirants those are become a part of AMIE are requested to visit the on the main page and get the complete detail of Syllabus from there.

AIME Subject List:
1) Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing
2) Material Science and Engineering
3) Computing and Informatics
4) Society and Environment
5) Mechanical science
6) Engineering Physics and Chemistry
7) Engineering Drawing and Graphics
8) Electronics and Instrumentation
9) Engineering Mathematics
10) Electrical Science

Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing

Group A:
1) Engineering Design
2) Concept of Manufacturing
3) Fundamental of Metal Forming

Group B:
1) Fundamental of Metal Cutting
2) Fundamentals of grinding and finishing
3) Need for integration
4) Elements of integration

Material Science and Engineering

Group A:
1) Introduction to materials
2) Defects in solids
3) Mechanical properties
4) Deformation of metals

Group B:
1) Heat Treatment
2) Thermal Properties
3) Ceramic Materials and Polymers
4) Electronic Properties

Computing and Informatics:

Group A:
1) Programming Language
2) Informatics

Group B:
1) Computer Basis
2) Hardware
3) Software’s
4) Operating System

Society and Environment:

Group A:
1) Societal Structures and Dynamics
2) Development Process
3) Development Process

Group B:
1) Environment Ecosystems
2) Environmental Degradation
3) Waste Management
4) Sustainable Development

Mechanical science:

Group A:
1) Mechanics of solids
2) Mechanics of Deformation

Group B:
1) Fluid Mechanics
2) Thermodynamics

Engineering Physics and Chemistry:

Group A:
1) Engineering Physics

Group B:
1) Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Drawing and Graphics:

Group A:
1) Projection Graphics
2) Spatial graphics
3) Product graphics
4) Computer graphics

Group B:
1) Drafting principles
2) Drawing Exercise

Electronics and Instrumentation:

Group A:
1) Electronics

Group B:
Indiacting instruments
Electronic instruments
Sensors and transducers.

Engineering Mathematics:

Group A:
1) Calculus of Functions of Variables
2) Vector Calculus
3) Linear Algebra

Group B:
1) Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
2) Numerical Methods
3) Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Electrical Science:

Group A:
1) Review of basic concepts in electrostatics and magneto statics
2) Polyphase circuits-Three-phase supply systems phase sequence

Group B:
1) Elements of power distribution-d.c
2) Principles of energy conversion
3) Basic principles of operation of synchronous and induction machines.
4) Starting of induction machines.
5) Starting of induction motors
6) Regulation of synchronous generator by synchronous impedance method
7) Single-phase induction and commutator machines.

How to Get AMIE Syllabus 2016-2017?
1) Aspirants those are waiting to know about the Associate Members of Institute of Engineers 2016-2017 Syllabus must go to the official website and get the syllabus form there.
2) Exam of AIME will be held twice in a year June and December.
3) Syllabus for 2016-2017 will be available in the PDF file format.
4) You need to download the PDF file into your device and also suggested to read it seriously because the complete detail will be mention in that only.
5) Those aspirants who have the problem in finding the AIME syllabus must go through this URL declare below and get syllabus straight away.

Syllabus URL:

Official Website:

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